Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Be Unique

W.A.L.T. to create very strong passwords. Make sure your Google account is secure.
Make sure you log out when you are on a shared computer. We created a strong password so no one would guess it. Do not write your password and do not put it in the bin because they might pick it up. Make sure they don't know it.You should try this .Do not do this 123456 that is too too easy to find out.These are not strong passwords qwerty
and also letmein.


  1. Talofa Lava Meaalofa
    I have been looking at your blog and I’ve found a lovely poster about your learning of how to keep your password strong and hard to guess. I’ve been learning how to make a quality password with Mrs Grant too. I was reading the writing you’ve added on top of your poster and I was wondering if I could help you with that?
    From Vaimoana

  2. kia ora Meaalofa
    You have shared some great tips for creating a strong password. Thank you for sharing your strong password to all of us in room 9. I like your strong password because it have lot’s of detail you can tell me some tips?
    From Teremoana


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