Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Moana is an instant Disney all-time classic

Moana is an instant Disney all-time classic MOANA
Disney does it again.
From the directors behind timeless classics The Little Mermaid and Aladdin comes a new Disney fairytale and based on my first screening, Moana will be a classic in our household too.

First thing's first: there's no way I can review this as anything but a New Zealander; a grateful and connected resident of Aotearoa and it's extended Pacific Island whanau. Disney has gifted us in particular a story which will resonate even more than it will anywhere else in the world.
The team behind the film had a wonderful thing to say, too - something they in turn were told during their research in Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand for the film: "The ocean doesn't separate our islands, it connects them".
Moana is full of Pasifika legend; the story pulls strands from here-and-there to weave together a fresh, inspirational and hugely entertaining family adventure which filled me with joy.

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