Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Water cycle

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How does the water cycle work?

Water evaporates when the sun brings heat to the sea or water. When it drys out the little drops go up into the air and it evaporates into the sky, then it turns out as little clouds in the sky. The water goes up into the sky when the clouds are full of water it rains. The water cycle never stops it goes round and round.


  1. Malo e lelei Meaalofa,

    I like the way you have used scientific words like 'evaporate'. Ka pai. I'm really glad that the water goes round in a cycle so we have fresh water to use. I wonder how salty water in the sea can evaporate and then eventually come down as fresh rain?

    Mrs Krausse

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    1. Talofa lava Meaalofa
      I have learnt about my water cycle too. And about the water cycle it keeps on going again and again.


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