Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Welcome To The Rainbow House


Welcome to the Rainbow House! Where you can ride a slide right into your living room

Known as the rainbow house, the features a slide links to your bedroom and also the kitchen. The four bedroom is like a jigsaw of colors, making each rooms different then the other rooms and make them more special. The rainbow house is available to rent for 15,000 pounds in London which is about 27,000  New Zealand dollars per month!   RainBow House

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Rooney Wins Shooting Medal for New Zealand

Rooney Wins Shooting Medal for New Zealand


A shooter named Natalie Rooney won a sliver medal for New Zealand the first medal from the Rio Olympic game.  Rooney claimed sliver in the women’s trap shooting event. The 28-year-old finished second overall in the women’s trap, losing the gold medal match against Australia’s Catherine Skinner. She had been competing internationally for 10 years, and in 2010 she came 5th place and 7th in Delhi Commonwealth games, and 4th in 2014 in Glasgow. Rooney said that she would not let this opportunity get away from her.  

Tuesday, 2 August 2016



5:30am, I just woke up to get ready for training in Rio but first I have to have breakfast for breakfast I have fruits and porridge, because it is very good and healthy for your body.    

Image result for hockeyI train on the main field where all the other athletes train, but I train on the hockey field. My coach’s name is Daniel he is very good at field hockey. He taught us how to do some tricks for field hockey, so my other team member was not listening to our coach so she had to get out for 10mins. Next week I am going to win the gold medal for my team, so I can make my coach happy and my whole family happy, because they came all the way here just for me so I have to try my best at playing with my team members and work as a team when we are on the hockey field. . Hockey